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Fannie Mae Shows Net Loss –

Fannie Mae reported a first quarter net loss of $6.5 billion and will request an additional $6.2 billion from the government.  Fannie Mae reported net income of $73 million in the last quarter.  To read a related Wall Street Journal article, please click … Continue reading

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The Drudge Report –

The Drudge Report is a premier site that provides coverage of business, politics, and world events.  The Drudge Report has valuable links to sites and articles in an easy to read format.  To visit The Drudge Report, please click here: James Sutliff

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Republicans Push For Tax Cuts –

Republican Senator Judd Gregg and Congressman Eric Cantor are asking for the extension of  the tax cuts set to expire at the end of the year.  The goal is to stimulate the economy by keeping the Bush tax cuts on … Continue reading

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New Jersey Property Tax Cap –

The New Jersey State Assembly is expected to support the annual property tax increase cap backed by Christie and the State Senate.  The State Assembly is in Democratic hands with Democrats having a 47-33 advantage.  Tax increase will be capped at … Continue reading

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Real Clear Politics –

 Real Clear Politics has news, analysis and opinions about politics and world events.  RCP is a great recource for information on politics and elections.  Real Clear Politics has an Election 2010 breakdown which offers multiple polls on several key races.  … Continue reading

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FDIC Problem Bank List –

Financial news coming out of DC has not been all that pretty for the most part.  The FDIC problem bank list expanded to 775 which is 10% higher than the previous quarter.  The FDIC insurance fund is also still in the … Continue reading

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Tax Credit Expiring –

With fewer than 40 days left before the tax credit expires the real estate industry is in full swing.  Smart Money takes a good look at the tax credit and how it relates to the current economic climate. To read … Continue reading

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