Wisconsin 2012 –

Wisconsin has good food and great people but it isn’t across the street.  The Scott Walker recall election had supporters from across the country visiting the swing state in early June.  The November election will not have nearly as many out-of-state supporters redeeming their frequent flier miles.

The US Senate race between Tommy Thompson and Tammy Baldwin is still too close to call.  A Rasmussen Reports poll had Thompson ahead by only 2 percentage points.  A Thompson victory would need a high voter turnout from suburban Milwaukee counties.  Thompson may also benefit from a strong turnout of Catholic voters.

Currently, Obama is ahead in most polls and is likely to win the state.  Obama leads Romney by 3% and 6% in two recent NBC/WSJ/Marist polls.

Two closely watched Congressional races are in the 7th and 8th districts.  Republicans are expected to win both contests on Tuesday.  Redistricting made the 7th district slightly more Republican and the 8th district covers northeastern Wisconsin which is most likely to vote Republican.

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Jim Sutliff

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